Month: January 2020

How The Technology Has Helped To Create Amazing Espresso Machine?

The European coffee industry was big in the 19th century. And as a part of the betterment of the business, the espresso machine was invented. The motto behind launching the espresso machine was to improve the brews further and at the same time, reducing brewing time.

The espresso machine has become so popular that too many people, coffee and espresso are synonymous. It is the purest form of distillation keeping the original aroma of beans intact. And, this is also the instant coffee in the first of its kind. Before it came, brewing a coffee was a five minutes job. And now It’s instant. It takes one minute or less.

If you too are a coffee lover like mine, you will probably have a curiosity about espresso, what it exactly is and how it has entered in our morning routines.

What Is Espresso?

Let’s dive into details. Firstly, Espresso is not a roasting method. It is not even a bean or blend. It is the name of the preparation method. If you want to know a little more, this is made by highly pressurized hot water forcefully mixed with coffee beans to form a concentrated drink with a strong flavor.

 Though there is no standard process of maintaining the temperature and pressure for the preparation, let’s get to know the general form of making. The temperature of the hot water remains between 88 - 93° C and it is mixed with 7 grams of beans under a pressure of 9 atmospheres or more. If properly done, you should not get more than 30ml concentrated solution from it.

Good espresso can be formed with good chemistry between water and coffee. You will get the best one if you can balance temperature, pressure and blend perfectly. Since it works on the molecular level, the influence of technology is very prominent on it.

Significant Contributors

Coffee business was huge in Europe in the 19th century. But the issue was a slow brewing process. So, scientists were thinking of applying technology to reduce the brewing time which gives birth to the espresso machine. Angelo Moriondo from Turin, Italy is considered the leader for contributing instantaneous machines for the beverage. He invented the first device for coffee-making that used both water and steam together. Later it got various modifications

Luigi Bezerra and Desiderio Pavoni were famous for their significant contribution to the modifications. Bezzerra applied the present technology of espresso in his boiler plant and the result was astonishing. The favorite concentrated drink got ready in seconds. But he couldn’t control the pressure and temperature. Then Desiderio entered in the world of coffee.

The earlier machines could produce up to 1000 cups of coffee per hour but exclusively dependent on steam. In the 20th century, though the machine became smaller and more efficient, the technology of exerting more than 1.5-2 bars of pressure was still unknown and the taste was bitter too due to the burning of beans.

After world war 2, Gaggia’s machine became successful in exerting 8-10 bar pressure.…

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