Month: December 2019

Fire Risks Protect Your Business Documents Now!

Though it is less likely that your business will be affected by fire, still this is probably the biggest threat that we dare to fight with. But once this worst incident happened, it will prove to be the costliest one for a business. And the claim for fire cases is also high, average $35,000.

The safety policy of a business includes fire management systems. It is mandatory to set up fire extinguishing system in your business space. The strength of it will depend on some parameters. In spite of these initiatives, fire is the major threat so far. All the documents, the entire set up may get destroyed. So, don’t neglect it. Educate your employees about the safety protocols so that they can take the initial safety measures.

Keep your office space clean. Check the entire electricity system, switches, cables, meter box, distribution box, everything on a regular interval. Maintain a safe distance between any combustible materials like petrol, kerosene oil, LPG from the electric switch board.

The following fire prevention tips will help you to run your business safe and will reduce fire risks.

  1. Maintain Fire Extinguisher : According to Securite ISH, expert in fire prevention, it is necessary to inspect the fire extinguisher as per the fire prevention code of your state. Train your employees how to use it. Hire experts for conducting classes on it. I think all the employees should take part in the training, as everybody cannot operate it during the emergencies in spite of training and demo applications due to nervousness.
  2. Keep A Close Watch On Electrical Equipments : The most common reason of fire emergency is faulty electrical equipments. So, inspect them and clean them to maintain the safety. If anything is found to be faulty, immediately replace it. Switch of any equipment that is not in use. If the wiring has not been done for long, do it and change the old cables and wires.
  3. Keep The Space Clutter Free : Keep the place clean as much as you can. Piles of paper, combustible material like petroleum oil, domestic fuel catch fire easily. Keep them away from electrical appliances like microwave oven, toaster, and induction oven. Keep the windows open to allow air circulation in the kitchen or canteen of the office. The computers should be placed in such a position where plenty of air can circulate.
  4. Fire Sprinkler System Is Essential : It is mandatory to install fire alarms in the business space or commercial buildings. In addition to that installing a fire sprinkler system or fire suppression system is a good practice. It helps to extinguish fire before the skilled personnel from fire management department arrives. Well ventilation system will also help to reduce the risk of fire.
  5. Maintain The Outdoors : Maintain the outdoor space properly. If your office is located in an area that is wildfire prone, don’t let plants and trees grow in the vicinity. Keep dry grass at least 100 feet away from the building. If your office area is dry and forested take necessary protection for the wildfire.
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